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Volunteering or donating for a good cause does help others in need. BUT, did you know helping others can do you good too? Check out 5 ways volunteering improves your health.

5 Ways Volunteering Improves Your Physical Health

1) It lowers the stress level

Whether it’s a tough day at work or a conflict at home, even the most benevolent among us have some stress in their lives. Turns out helping others can ease the stress levels since you get a satisfaction that you’ve done well.

2) It lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and keep a check on your weight

Volunteering is a sneaky way to way to get out of the house and step away from the screens for a bit. As a result, it could aid in weight loss and lower your cholesterol. You also become more socially active leading to a more active lifestyle.

3) It releases Happy Hormones

Ever heard of a “helper’s high”? Many studies show that volunteers have lower rates of depression, higher levels of self-esteem, and greater functional ability than those who don’t volunteer.Wondering why? In the simplest form, when we give to others without expecting anything in return, our brains release dopamine, serotonin, and other hormones that make you feel warm and tingly inside.

4) It reduces the risk of alcohol and drug abuse

In 2015, The Oxford Handbook of Prosocial Behavior published a literature review showing that teenagers and college students who volunteer tend to steer clear of alcohol and drugs, along with other “problem behaviors” like delinquency and dropping out of school.

5) It gives you the best sleep

The reduction in stress level and happy hormone floating around ensure you sleep tight. The mental satisfaction and feel good feeling puts you in a state of rest.

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  • Become a volunteer
  • Order a blanket to your house/office address,
  • Donate this blanket to the needy one,
  • There you go! Taste the joyous feeling of putting a smile on someone’s face. Take the credit, the blessings, the good wishes you deserve!