Looking to start a business and refuse to be tied down to an office? Turns out you can start a company from the comfort of your own home — or better yet, from an exotic beach…under the budget of INR 1 Lac.

So how is that possible? Your answer is…technology. Vichaarbox, from India, has made immense use of technology and the power of internet driven world to connect across their target audience and clients with the help of employees working across the country. Majority of their work happens online with the help of Google docs, video conferencing, file sharing, etc. The founder Aunit Sharma is based out of Goa while this article is coming your way from Bombay, with the rest of his team operating out of other cities. Being comfortable with technology is incredibly important to making a digital business successful, as well as letting customers know that you are traveling.

Technology exists to make remote working convenient, so if you want the digital-nomad lifestyle and don’t have a lot of startup cash, here are 9 low-cost business ideas you can start from anywhere.

Web Designer

It’s no secret that having a well-put together website is an important factor for running a successful business, which means being a web designer is a skill you can cash in on from anywhere. All you need is a laptop, a hard drive and WiFi.

All you need to be is be one creative human being. Enroll yourself for a coding and SEO class or be your own teacher and you are good to go. Because creativity is the major factor and nobody teaches you to be creative.


I know it comes as a surprise to a lot of you out there but you don’t need to be tethered to a desk wearing boring formals every day from 9 to 5 if you enjoy numbers. If you have your accounting certificate, then all you need is a laptop and a phone. There, now you are an online accountant.

To be a successful online company, customer service through communication is incredibly important. Pick up your phone while you are sitting at the Kerala backwaters and have a convenient and delightful communication with your customers for the purpose of problem solving.

Matchmaking Service

No I am not talking about shaadi.com or your matrimonial services available online. I mean yes that too but more importantly, matchmaking service can be any form of technology that matches businesses or individuals with the services they require. This business can be run from anywhere, because it can all be done online.

Most of your interactions to the customers will be through phone or emails.

Tech Support

Not everyone is tech savvy, which means that technical support companies are a great way to make some money. This may require time spent in the field, showing up at businesses or homes to help troubleshoot issues, but you can still run this company from anywhere. This business has immense potential to grow based on customer referrals.

Hence, communication and customer service are two of the most important aspects of an online company. Cannot stress on this enough.

Editorial Services

Do you find typos in emails annoying? Think that misspellings in a newsletter are unprofessional? You’re not the only one. If you are well versed in grammar and love to read and write, online editorial services might be a good option for you.

There are several ways to approach this business — you could create software that auto edits content, you can edit the content yourself or you can act as a go-between for those who need content to be edited or hire freelance editors.

You can charge your fees based on the amount of content you have to edit and the difficulty level of the content to be edited.

Digital Marketing and PR

If you have a background in marketing and PR, consider taking those skills online.

Another thing to be aware of as digital nomad is the importance of maintaining strong relationships with clients. Make them feel secure with over communication to nullify your physical presence.

Travel Expert

Who doesn’t like to travel? If you love to travel, why not help others to travel with some profit?

Matthew Kepnes embraced this idea, starting Nomadic Matt, a travel website that chronicles his extensive travels while offering helpful travel information such as cheap accommodation and airfare, information for solo and couples travelers and travel guidebooks (authored by Kepnes) — and more.

Kepnes writes helpful (and free) information on his travel blog and newsletters and monetizes his work through book sales, offering online classes for blogging and photography and through partnerships with businesses related to airline travel and accommodation.

Kepnes, who has been to over 80 countries and territories, says he’s helped 16 million people with travel plans through his website while working remotely and building up his business through discipline.

Life Coach/Consultant

If you love helping people and have expertise in valuable areas such as business relations or communications, being a life coach or consultant could be a good fit for you.

The key to making working remotely work is to remember you’re not on vacation even though you may be in a beautiful locale halfway across the world.

Block out time for work because it is easy to lose yourself exploring exotic places and put your work on the back burner.

Content Curator

For companies that need newsletters written, emails drafted, general content for a website — or even podcasts — you can provide that material from a gorgeous location abroad.

There will be a few challenges like finding a good internet connection and different time zones. But you have to create a business which suits your lifestyle to be successful at it.

It sounds fancy to be a digital nomad but you will only be a successful one if you can work independently and learn on the go at every hiccup that arises.