Know how Amazon is acting as a promotional tool for Indian Businesses


Know how Amazon is acting as a promotional tool for Indian Businesses

Amazon debuted as an online bookstore in 1994. Founder Jeff Bezos’s initial business model was fairly simple: Source a single product type from wholesalers and publishers and sell it directly to consumers on the then-fledgling internet. Thanks to Bezos’s vision and a highly successful, user-friendly website, by 1997 was the first online retailer to boast one million customers.

As the company added more titles and expanded its product line, it developed an ecosystem rooted in the wholesale purchase of goods; huge, strategically located fulfillment centers; and contracts with national and regional carriers who shipped its products throughout the U.S. and to other countries.

“Know how Amazon is acting as a promotional tool for Indian Businesses”

As we know that Amazon has emerged as the biggest e-commerce player in Indian markets. It has not restricted itself to mere shopping website but also made an entry into new domains.

After recording such increase in its user base, Amazon turned its amazon money into amazon pay wallet to facilitate as a wallet to third-party apps. It is proving to be the best option of promotion for different apps nowadays which are trying to gain some visibility before Amazon users.

These applications are giving a huge percentage of cashback on the first transaction paid through Amazon.

Apps from various fields like movies, food, mobile/DTH recharge, bus/train bookings, medicines etc. are offering cashback of upto 50% of the transaction amount to encash amazon’s growth.

On top of that, Amazon also offers additional cashback on adding money into Amazon pay for new & old customers from time to time.

Not only apps, well establish brands also came to join the rat race to gain some visibility from Amazon users.
Coca-cola came up with Pipa offer which was giving 100% Amazon money on sprite, limca & fanta. Now KitKat & Yipee noodles are also running the same.

Overall, Amazon users are enjoying substantial benefits regardless whether these businesses make benefit out of such deals or not.

From product to delivery, Amazon has reinvented its ecosystem to address the challenges it has faced conducting an e-commerce enterprise in India. Its funding and efforts are outpacing those of its competitors, including Flipkart and Snapdeal. That’s because there is a lot at stake.

Written by Akshay Gupta