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Why Content Marketing - VichaarBox

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How many times does it happen that we ponder over tons of questions waiting to pose them to people worthy of answering them!

But can we find those people? Absolutely not! Here at VichaarBox, we have decided to do the work for you. We are starting a segment called ‘Coffee Table Vichaars’ where we seek answers from people who have been pioneers and influencers, who have faced the battle at the forefront. We take up a topic and trouble the guest with questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

In our Coffee Table Vichaars session today, we bug Aunit Sharma with series of questions on a much asked topic “Why Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise online.” Let’s see what he has to share:


In the light of today’s Dynamics, what is content marketing?

Marketing is the true potential or value of your product/service through creative and innovative description. Well, content marketing is a passive way to advertise online, finding its strength in being able to build trust with the readers. This is probably the biggest reason it is so effective and considered by many the best online marketing strategy in use.

What are the forms of content marketing?

I’d say lots but some types are more popular than others. To name a few; videos, infographics, how to’s & reviews, social media interactions, blogs, case studies are the trending ones.

What’s the most suitable medium in today’s time for Content Marketing?

It depends on the service/product one is offering. Let’s say I have a product to sell, then definitely Videos on ‘How to use the product’ and ‘Product reviews’ are going to help. But if I am offering a service such as ‘Website designing’ then infographics and case studies would be the most appropriate mediums.

Who do you think Content Marketing is most useful for. Individuals or only businesses/brands.

Everyone has been using content marketing since almost forever but not knowingly, of course! CV and Resume are classic examples of how certain content is scribed in a particular manner which highlights one’s capabilities and skill set. Similarly, nowadays if an individual uses LinkedIn effectively with the right content strategy, it can easily make an impact. And same goes for brands/businesses, advertisements are now shifting from Tv to YouTube to Facebook or other social media platforms. So it’s definitely useful for anyone who wants to sell or provide something, be it an individual or a brand.

What are your words of wisdom for someone who’s a marketer and wants to create a dent with his product/service?

Well, it’s a bit difficult to suffice it in a few words but I’d still share some points which can help before making content strategies –

1. Focus on creating content which is both interesting & informative. It should help your brand/business to educate people on what you do or why they need what you have.

2. Focus on whatever content you create is likely to be shared or republished in areas of the internet you did not even know existed. I am telling you the amount of exposure you get based upon the efforts of others, helps to make this one the best online marketing strategies you can utilize!

3. Always remember people like to buy what they believe in. So try and be as authentic and transparent as possible.

4. Be simple but be consistent. Because consistency develops more of a ‘trusting’ relationship with people.

5. If you feel it’s not your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to get in touch with people and agencies out there, try to seek professional guidance. Don’t shy away from outsourcing or collaborating with creative minds. If you believe in your product/service, they would know how to market you at the top.

In today’s competitive scenario, marketing gives you the edge. Try leverage the expertise of Social media agencies or digital marketing firms to gain the edge that others are missing.


Those were some enlightening insights on the topic of ‘Content Marketing’. We appreciate Aunit for taking out the time. We hope the entities/individuals across the world will take something out of this session. Should you have any query or question for our past or prospective guests, feel free to reach us at: hello@vichaarbox.com